Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Uses Hidden Cameras?

Did you ever wonder who really uses hidden cameras? Do you think only certain people have a need for them, like men or women who want to catch their spouse cheating, a convenience store owner to stop shoplifting or a burglary, or only detectives?

Actually, more people than you'd expect use them. Trying to catch a cheating spouse is the #1 reason for getting a small hidden camera for home use.

Some other common uses include checking up on a babysitter or nanny (is she taking good care of your child or is she abusive or just lazy and indifferent?), the cleaning lady (is she really cleaning or is she stealing your stuff?), a contractor in your home while you're gone (is he watching your big screen TV most of the day instead of working?), or your teens (what time do they come home from school, are their friends messing up your home, what are they doing while you're gone?)

While your home surveillance systems work to prevent a break-in, the best spy camera tucked away can complement your system by providing eyes and ears. A security system can't see or hear what's going on in your home or place of business, whereas a mini wireless spy camera located in a high traffic area can tell you more. Some may even have audio, but this may be illegal depending on where and how you use it, so make sure you check on this.

If you suspect an employee is coming into your private office and stealing petty cash or snooping at files, then a piece of secret spy gear strategically placed will catch the culprit.

Back to the cheating spouse reason; think about when and where the "crime" might be taking place. It may not always be in the bedroom. Also think about time of day because some cameras are equipped with night vision lenses to provide a better picture. A secret audio recorder may also work.

There are also some fun reasons to use a mini spy video camera. Fun with your friends or kids at different events, making silly home movies, and so on.

Spy gear cameras can be part of everyday household objects, like a clock/radio, air freshener, or a teddy bear, or for a business, hidden in an electrical outlet, exit sign or emergency lights. No one will ever suspect that they're being watched until they're caught!

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