Friday, March 16, 2012

Nikon COOLPIX L120

The Nikon COOLPIX L120 is a unique and innovative digital camera, combining the stylish look of a professional camera with the compact technology of a digital camera. The camera itself has 14.1 mega pixels and it has 21x optical zoom. The modern style and excellent performance of the Nikon L120 leaves it as a very popular camera for first time photographers, but also for people who want high quality images.

The Nikon L120 features a 3-inch LCD screen to view your images in top quality. The screen enables maximum viewing and high resolution colour photos. Another great feature of this camera is its outstanding quality of zoom. With other digital cameras, the quality of the digital and optical zoom often is not great and the image becomes blurred or grainy. However, with this camera, the 21x optical zoom is extremely high quality, and it enables you to catch details far away.

Another great thing is it's easy to use, even though it looks like a professional camera, it does not take a professional to use it. The camera is kitted out with two zoom buttons, one situated at the top of the camera and the other at the side. This makes zooming easy no matter what position your hand is in. Also, the Nikon L120 has a brilliant flash that is raised by pressing a button to the left of it. This flash lights up any photo leaving brighter images.

The camera enables you to take snaps and even videos of any situation. By pressing the easy to reach record button situated to the right of the screen, you can record high quality video with no hassle at all! Also, you can set the camera to take photos of specific things. For example, the camera has a night mode, enabling you to take photos in the dark or at night. It also has a white balance mode for cloud, daylight and fluorescent.

The camera has speakers to listen to your video footage with and the sound quality is also excellent. The camera is very easy to grip as it has two rubber grips, one on the right hand side of the camera to wrap your fingers around, and the other to rest your thumb on to steady your hands. These are very handy as they enable you to take a more accurate and professional photograph.

The unique colours of the Nikon L120 also make it as recognisable as it is today. It can be bought in a sleek black or a vibrant red. The camera comes with a lens cap to protect the lens from damage, and also a camera strap, to prevent dropping the camera. It is quite light for what it does and is also compact if you want to take it everywhere while carrying it around.

Overall this professional digital camera can enhance anyone's photography, with its excellent quality zoom and easy to use flash and buttons. The ability to record on the camera means that you do not have to bring a camcorder as well as a camera, because it displays both of these features beautifully. The size and weight of it makes it easier to carry and transport it, as well as taking photos with it. So the Nikon COOLPIX L120 is the perfect camera for anything and anyone.

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