Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is USENET Too Technical for Me?

Not everyone is comfortable using new technologies. In fact, for some people, finding where they get on the Internet on their computer is still something of an accomplishment. The USENET system sometimes gets passed by because it seems very technical in some regards. It's not. If you understand the following, you can understand the USENET system.

It's Different from the Internet

This is the first thing people usually want to know. The USENET is a different system than the Internet. The USENET is carried over news servers that are dedicated to newsgroups. It's an older system and has been in use since the 1980s. It's also a very well organized system and the names assigned to newsgroups are more reliably accurate compared to their content than are the web addresses used by Internet sites, in many cases.

It's Text-Based

When you look at a USENET article, you're just going to be reading text. It's not like the Internet in that it's not a multimedia technology. It can be used to exchange multimedia files, however. You can upload pictures and other materials to the USENET and share them with your friends if you want. It's not uncommon to see people sharing images on photography groups, for instance. You can also give links to material on the Internet, so there is more than one way to share multimedia files.

The Feel is Different

Your average USENET user probably is a bit more tech savvy than your average Internet-only user. This system has been around for a long time and, because of that, still have a lot of people who remember it when it was new on it. This makes it a great place for actual expert advice on technical subjects, which differs it from a lot of the Internet forums out there. On the USENET, you're not going to get half an answer to your question and a pitch to subscribe to another service after it, for instance.

The USENET is definitely its own place and it's one that many Internet users may enjoy exploring. If you're interested in getting a different perspective on communicating over the Internet, the USENET system may provide you with a lot of enjoyable learning experiences. None of them is likely to be too difficult and, really, there's nothing simpler than text-based communication. The USENET is usable by anyone who can operate email or a web browser.

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