Saturday, March 10, 2012

Most Recent Low Cost Android 4.0 Tablet From Samsung

Without any controversy, technology is the vehicle transporting man into another standard of living. It has unearthed better ways of personal and organizational management, taking the sweat away from work. From portable Personal Computers, the whole goods are now looking slimmer and more versatile.

More notably, the infusion of iPad from Apple Company set the tune for a round of technological ingenuity from other giant tech companies like Samsung. Just recently, precisely February 13, 2012, when most people around the world were preparing to embrace Valentine's Day, Samsung announced the availability of the all new Low Cost Android 4.0 Tablet. With a 1024 by 600 megapixel resolution, a 1GHZ dual core processor, and a prominent 7-inch screen for viewer's pleasure, it happens to be Samsung's latest plus to its array of tablets.

Furthermore, the Android system also has a dual function version, which can pass for a phone and also a browsing pan. This version is based on 3G, and employs the use of High Speed Packet Access to keep consumers versatile. With regard to thickness, the system is just 10.5millimeters, and has a weight of 344 grams. Those measurements make the Low Cost Android 4.0 Tablet somewhat smaller than the iPad 2. There is also 8G-32G MicroSD card port storage integrated into it. The battery is designed to last for 39 hours, with a 4000 mAh battery power.

However, consumers are turning their skin inside out with anger on a product that has hardly touched the ground. Torn apart when comparison is allowed with other similar products like the Asus ME370T, which utilizes the all important Asus transformer, Samsung "low cost" Android 4.0 Tablet, which goes for a whopping $350, might likely suffocate in the sea of competition. Already, consumers have stated the need for "Sammy" to break the price wings if they want to see any form of patronage. While Samsung may have a reservoir of answers as to why such price is slapped on their latest brainchild, considering an already dense market, the fact remains that the response of customers is what counts for the success or failure of any product.

With this information at heart, you can run your search online for similar products from other giant manufacturers so you compare prices before making a purchase. We all love to see "Sammy" make good application of technology to achieve a global village; however, that will never be achieved if we would be made to pay through our nose.

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