Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Traditional Boxed Software Heading For Extinction?

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I was sitting here thinking about a few trends that are happening within the technology world and one thought kept on coming up in my mind. And that is the increased adoption of app stores in technologies we are currently using. From now all Apple products using the "App Store" to Google Android devices using the Android Market. Just recently announced was that starting the next version of Windows, Microsoft will implement its own app store called the Windows Marketplace.

What brought this question into my head was that during a recent visit to Staples, I noticed is that the isles that used to go for one third of the store for computer software is now getting smaller and smaller, and I see that trend just continuing industry-wide. And that is why I am posing this question "Is Traditional Boxed Software Heading For Extinction?"

Now I know you are all reading this and want to know where my opinions are on all of this and where I stand on all of this is that app stores are a WIN, WIN, WIN on all sides (Except for virus & malware creators). And my reasoning for this are as follows:

1. It drastically simplifies the whole software install process - No more trying to figure out if your computer is compatible with a specific program. The app store program is constantly running a check against all programs on the app store to see if it will run on your device. If it is not compatible, then the specific app simply will NOT show as an option to install at all.

2. It drastically reduces the chances of getting infected with Viruses & Malware - For program writers to be even have a chance of getting their applications into a specific app store, all of the app stores mentioned previously take extensive steps to make sure that the apps people purchase from their app stores are free of anything that could harm the purchaser's devices. If a submitted app is found to be or potentially malicious, It is IMMEDIATELY removed from the store and if it is installed on a device, the program is also removed from the device.

3. It makes recovering and upgrading your device a much less painful ordeal - We all have instances where we either had to reinstall everything from scratch on our device for one reason or another or just want to upgrade to a better device, there is always one issue that comes up. And that issue is that all of the software that was purchased will not work or is missing on the device. With purchasing all of your apps from the app store, recovering those apps are now a point and click operation. Now what you do is that in case of the Apple's App Store, all you will do is sign into the app store, single left click on the purchased link, and all of your previously purchased apps will show up in a list. Single left click on the install button and the app will be installed back on your device. In case of the Android Market, purchased apps will be listed under the "Not Installed" section. Just single tap on each one of those and the app will then install back on to your device. All you now have to worry about backing up is your individual documents.

Also, with the trend of going to ultra-mobile devices such as tablets and cellular phones and also computer manufacturers phasing out of the desktop and laptop markets, I really can see a day in the near future where we will not see a software section in most electronic stores. That alone sounds very strange to me, but time will bring about change.

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