Friday, March 30, 2012

Cloud Computing Basics

As the name suggests, cloud computing is a method of using a virtual computer literally from anywhere in the world with the same personalized experience. Cloud computing is cloud hosting taken a step higher.

Using this type of computing you can organize and have access to your data from any computer that is connected to the World Wide Web. Your user account does not exist on any single PC or laptop but on the Web and your data is saved not on a single hard-disk but, again, on the Web. This allows you to share all your data including your movies, photos, documents, etc. with whoever you want and that too instantly.

Interestingly, almost all of us are partially using cloud computing in a way. All our information that is stored on the servers of one or another internet company such as Yahoo or Picasa is actually a part of a cloud-based computing system. This is why we are able to access the data stored in our email accounts from anywhere we want.

Hence, the criteria for information to be called part of a cloud-based system include instant accessibility, transferability and mobility. The best part of it is that all the information that you own at different platforms such as workplace, email, mobile phone and social networks will get synched. Do not be alarmed, what is on the web does not necessarily have to be on display for the public. Just like your emails cannot be read by others, other data too will be protected and will be on display to only those who you intend to show it to.

One of the advantages of the cloud is for business executives. Whenever corporations buy computers they have to buy several different licensed software such as Microsoft Windows, Office and other field specific programs. With the help of cloud computing, executives can gain access to readymade computers that already have all the desired software installed. The most important advantage to corporations in such a case is cost saving. Cloud computing services offer deals at relatively lower costs because of a number of reasons such as large number of customers, low costs and mass purchases by single entities.

However, the issue of security remains a big question mark especially for corporate clients whose data is of very sensitive nature. There are three types of cloud computing services -infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS). The features that a user of cloud computing will be able to enjoy depend on the type of service he or she is using, i.e. PaaS, IaaS or SaaS. SaaS is the most commonly used type of cloud hosting service.

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Why Does Windows 7 Take Long to Boot Up and How to Resolve This Issue?

Most people prefer Windows 7 version as this is convenient to use and has many user friendly features. This version is comparatively faster in terms of performance but there are times when the OS is low in performance and is not giving the desired output. It may also take longer than usual to load the OS. Here are some of the possible reasons slow Windows 7 start up and ways by which to improve it.

Why slow boot up?

First and foremost it is essential to pay attention to the number of applications that you are running on your system. The system might slow down in case you are running too many applications simultaneously and it is adversely affecting system performance. Eventually it leads to slow-downs and the booting process is slow. Another possible reason behind slow booting process is system freezes. These might be due to some software errors, malware and virus infection that are responsible for affecting the performance and speed of Windows. Before you embark upon resolving these issues it is important to first diagnose and know what is causing it.

If you wish to resolve this issue with startup speed then there are steps that can be undertaken to solve it.

You can do the following steps will help in speeding up Windows 7 boot:

1. Press Start and reach Search programs and files

2. Type regedit and press enter, in the UAC window press Yes

3. In the registry, locate this subkey: HLKM\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ SessionManager\ MemoryManagement\ PrefetchParameters

4. Look for the EnablePrefetcher and click it

5. Set the value to 2 and press 'Ok'

6. Look for Enable Superfetch and click it open to set the value to 2 and exit

Now whenever you are booting up your computer the 'prefetcher' will help in smooth booting. This function helps in reserving more resources for booting process and in launching applications. So, now when you log in, your Windows 7 will load immediately without freezing and without hampering the booting process.

If you have issues with the OS like compatibility issues, OS installation issues, issues related to drivers and software issues then it is advisable to get in touch with a premium computer support provider. Their technical experts will diagnose the actual problem and then provide the possible best solution to resolve them. Online tech support is available 24x7x365 and they are available on call.

Marigold Henry Montana is a technical expert who deals with various computer related issues. She is capable of handling the software as well as hardware troubleshooting. She advises people on basic upkeep and maintenance of their PC, Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets. She is working as a freelance technology writer and as fulltime online tech support for a well known IT software company. Her aim is to spread the technical computer support know-how to the people all around the globe.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Essential Features of Internet Parental Control Software

With internet exposure and access everyone runs a risk of cyber crime and various other related threats. It is always a cause of concern and it is absolutely necessary to keep kids safe from such threats especially when you are away. The solution to this problem is Parental Control. This software provides protection against malicious threats lurking on the internet. It is a kind of filter that is capable of shutting unwanted content that may harm your kid. This filter can be set up on IM, chat, social media websites, gaming, downloads and much more. Let us find out the features of this software and how it ensures safe surfing.

Following are the features of a good Internet Parental Control software:

Web restrictions- This feature helps in putting restrictions on web surfing. Often children surf websites that are not meant for them. These might even lure them into downloading software that would eventually damage the system. Your kid might also be tricked into sharing personal information that may threaten the security of the system. So, in order to avoid all this you can filter unwanted websites that are dangerous for your kids and a threat to online security. You can set up block options for websites and URLs that you know are dangerous. Activating this control will enable in surfing safe websites appropriate for younger audience to surf.

Time limits- Often children log on to the internet when no one is at home to monitor them or when everyone is fast asleep. In such circumstances it is not possible to keep a constant eye upon the online activities of your child. But by setting 'Time Limits' you will be able to set up a trigger that will log off the system after a certain span of time that you have set. Now you can easily decide how long your child can be allowed to surf the internet.

Games- Games are obvious distractions to any child. They might not have completed their homework and this is cause enough to worry about especially if it has become a habit. To stop your child from playing games via the internet and wasting precious study time, you can easily control game access. You would need to set the game access to an age appropriate rating including the content to be blocked and you are done. Specific games that are too violent in nature or are made for adults can be easily made inaccessible to kids.

Allow or block specific programs- Wondering how to choose a list of programs and applications that you would like to bar your child from viewing? You can choose a keyword specific program that will block all the other related searches. Now even if your child chooses to search it via the internet, then also it will not be accessible as the keyword specific filter will block it. These websites will not be accessible.

Internet security is multi-layered and it is not only about preventing your kid from gaining access to inappropriate content but also about securing your data and system from damage. For this purpose it is advisable to seek the help of a premium online tech support provider to help you understand and install such software on your computer.

Marigold Henry Montana is a technical expert who deals with various computer related issues. She is capable of handling the software computer support as well as hardware troubleshooting. She advises people on basic upkeep and maintenance of their PC, Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets. She is working as a freelance technology writer and as fulltime online tech support for a well known IT software company. Her aim is to spread the technical know-how to the people all around the globe.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Is My Computer Running So Slow?

Are you asking yourself, "why is my computer running so slow?" Is your computer running slower than a tortoise? There are several possible reasons why your computer is running so slow. Don't crush your computer with a sledge-hammer just yet though. Fortunately there are some steps to take to speed up a slow computer.

A computer virus can wreak havoc on your computer; not only slowing your computer down but also being a very real threat to your Internet security and privacy. It is essential that you install anti-virus software. It is good to know that there is reputable free anti-virus software available for download. Many Internet security software vendors offer fully functional free-trials of anti-virus software as well. It is important to remember to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date; anti-virus software is only as good as the last update.

Spyware can certainly slow your computer to a crawl. Like viruses and other malicious software it is a threat to your Internet security and privacy as well. Many people don't realize that anti-virus software does not detect all spyware. This is why it is crucial that you have anti-spyware software installed. There is free anti-spyware software available for download online. However, it is important to make sure that it is reputable; some so-called "free anti-spyware software" is in fact not free and can even be bundled with spyware or other malware.

Your operating system cache, Internet browsers cache, history, etc. can definitely slow your computer down. Like viruses and spyware, it is also a very real threat to your Internet security and privacy as well. You need disk cleaning software to clean your computer of clutter; increasing its speed and performance.

Your computer can be slow running slower than molasses in January as a result of registry errors. You need to have registry cleaning software installed on your computer to fix your computers registry errors.

Finally, a fragmented hard drive can certainly slow your computer down. Fortunately there is a relatively easy, though time consuming, solution to this problem; defragmenting your hard drive. To do this, use the Defrag Utility on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Beware, that this procedure can take several hours, though is well worth the time; speeding up your computer as well as increasing its performance.

It is good to know when asking yourself, "why is my computer running so slow", that there is indeed a solution to the problem. By following this simple steps you can certainly speed up your computer; at the same time increasing its performance and efficiency.

Christopher Hecker is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise on Internet security and privacy. Please visit Internet Security 101 for free software, tutorials, tips, and advice on Internet security and privacy, including how to speed up a slow computer.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is It Time For You To Upgrade Your Communication Methods?

Nothing lasts forever especially when it comes to laptops computers and other new electronic devices. What was once the latest in electronic equipment can now be so in the past that computer repair stores refer to them as dinosaurs and do not even carry repair parts any longer. That cell phone you bought three years ago is probably gigantic compared to the ones that are being made today and you might even get some weird stares if you use one of those in public. It is an ever-changing industry and if you can't keep up with the trends, you will be way behind, both personally and professionally.

The first step is to upgrade the quality of your cell phone. It used to be that cell phones were for making phone calls, but that isn't the case any more. Today, cell phones are used for Internet services, taking photos, downloading, and many more things. If you take on the right apps, the ways to use the cell phone are endless, and they are not too costly. It's a lot cheaper and many people use their cell phones without even having a land-based system at home.

Everyone who has gone a certain length of time without updating his or her Internet is asking for trouble, especially when it comes to working out of the home in the business world. There are so many things that are brand new on the Net that being current with all the new gadgets is vital in keeping in contact with clients and your company. Going mobile is the best idea and most places have easy access.

Now that the laptops have become common it is not even necessary to have a large computer taking up space on the desk at work or at home. The laptops are small, easy to carry and can be much more convenient than the desktop computers while they carry the same capacity to store your information.

Techies are always looking for the latest in electronics so it is important to keep up to date with everything so that no one gets ahead of you in the information era. You can use the latest technology to use for you businesses purposes as well as your personal concerns. You can even pay you bills online. In the new century, staying ahead of the curve through computer technology is very important. There are so man things that will be easier.

Plenty of people learn that Wireless broadband offers the smartest choice for their communication requirements. Check out Wireless broadband plans on the net.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Become an Effective Phone Support Technician

Do you want to be one of the best phone support technicians around? Then you need to make sure that you really got what it takes to be one.

Working as a phone support technician is not that simple as what most people think. It might be a bit easier because you don't really have to talk to a customer face to face. However, helping your customer with their technical concerns through phone is a bit complicated if you aren't competent enough. You need to have the right attitude and skills to do the job right. In order for you to become an effective phone support technician, here are some of the simple do's you can follow.

· Have the Right Knowledge. You will only be an effective support technician if you actually know what you're doing. Getting the right knowledge and ideas you need is definitely that easy. Take time to attend trainings that your office is providing. Make yourself fully equipped and be able to give the right assistance to your customers.

· Your Attitude is everything. If you are working as a phone support technician, you will definitely receive calls from customers who are having problems. They will not bother to call you if they don't have one. In that case, they expect you to somehow give them the empathy they need. Putting yourself on their shows is the main key. Try to feel what they feel and you'll know how to deal with them.

· Don't hear them, but listen to them. That's right. Listening is different from hearing. Listening requires proper understanding on your part. You might be hearing what your customers are saying. But if you won't bother to listen, you will not be able to give the right help they need. One important thing is to avoid making your customers repeat themselves. Asking the same questions more than twice is always a no-no.

· Give instructions clearly. Since you will only be helping a customer through the phone, you need to speak clearly and precisely. Walking someone through to do something by simply giving them instructions is never easy. If you don't give clear instructions, your conversation will not be going anywhere. For instance, you wanted a customer to turn off a modem. Do you even know how to instruct him clearly of where the switch is? Your instructions should always be clear enough to comprehend.

As a phone support technician, you always have the greater responsibility of helping the customers in the best way you can. Then your competence, skills and attitude should work together to be effective.

Working as a phone support technician is not that simple as what most people think. It might be a bit easier because you don't really have to talk to a customer face to face. However, helping your customer with their technical concerns through phone is a bit complicated if you aren't competent enough. You need to have the right attitude and skills to do the job right.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Traditional Boxed Software Heading For Extinction?

Hello Everyone,

I was sitting here thinking about a few trends that are happening within the technology world and one thought kept on coming up in my mind. And that is the increased adoption of app stores in technologies we are currently using. From now all Apple products using the "App Store" to Google Android devices using the Android Market. Just recently announced was that starting the next version of Windows, Microsoft will implement its own app store called the Windows Marketplace.

What brought this question into my head was that during a recent visit to Staples, I noticed is that the isles that used to go for one third of the store for computer software is now getting smaller and smaller, and I see that trend just continuing industry-wide. And that is why I am posing this question "Is Traditional Boxed Software Heading For Extinction?"

Now I know you are all reading this and want to know where my opinions are on all of this and where I stand on all of this is that app stores are a WIN, WIN, WIN on all sides (Except for virus & malware creators). And my reasoning for this are as follows:

1. It drastically simplifies the whole software install process - No more trying to figure out if your computer is compatible with a specific program. The app store program is constantly running a check against all programs on the app store to see if it will run on your device. If it is not compatible, then the specific app simply will NOT show as an option to install at all.

2. It drastically reduces the chances of getting infected with Viruses & Malware - For program writers to be even have a chance of getting their applications into a specific app store, all of the app stores mentioned previously take extensive steps to make sure that the apps people purchase from their app stores are free of anything that could harm the purchaser's devices. If a submitted app is found to be or potentially malicious, It is IMMEDIATELY removed from the store and if it is installed on a device, the program is also removed from the device.

3. It makes recovering and upgrading your device a much less painful ordeal - We all have instances where we either had to reinstall everything from scratch on our device for one reason or another or just want to upgrade to a better device, there is always one issue that comes up. And that issue is that all of the software that was purchased will not work or is missing on the device. With purchasing all of your apps from the app store, recovering those apps are now a point and click operation. Now what you do is that in case of the Apple's App Store, all you will do is sign into the app store, single left click on the purchased link, and all of your previously purchased apps will show up in a list. Single left click on the install button and the app will be installed back on your device. In case of the Android Market, purchased apps will be listed under the "Not Installed" section. Just single tap on each one of those and the app will then install back on to your device. All you now have to worry about backing up is your individual documents.

Also, with the trend of going to ultra-mobile devices such as tablets and cellular phones and also computer manufacturers phasing out of the desktop and laptop markets, I really can see a day in the near future where we will not see a software section in most electronic stores. That alone sounds very strange to me, but time will bring about change.

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