Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Remove the Security Defender Rogue?

Security Defender is malicious software that is potentially dangerous to your system. It can enter your PC or laptop via the internet. This is the very reason why it is important to know more about it. This software wreaks havoc once it enters your system without your knowledge. While you are just casually surfing the internet you may not even know that this dangerous software has already entered. Security Defender is a rogue application that is extremely annoying to the user as it keeps popping messages of fake scans and alerts.

Let us first begin by knowing the symptoms of Security Defender infection:

1. The user will encounter frequent system scans that is fake. These scans will immediately start up with the Windows and a fake home screen will be displayed.

2. The user will be barred from using internet or will find a sudden drop in internet speed.

3. This software is capable of replicating fast and the user will find Defender shortcuts in various files or on the desktop.

4. To trick the user, the Security Defender rogue displays fake scan results. This scares the user but none of these scan results are real.

5. Frequent pop ups appear asking the user to delete various files and folders that have supposedly been infected. This would then force the user into buying the Security Defender.

6. It hampers the computer performance as the system resources are occupied by this software.

If the user attempts to delete or remove the threats mentioned above then another message is displayed that tells the user to buy the commercial version that would remove the threats. This way the user is tricked into sharing personal and financial information which is exactly what it aims to do.

Ways by which to remove the Security Defender Rogue

It is not easy to remove this malicious Security Defender as it replicates itself in newer locations on the system and it is difficult to detect. However there are ways to get rid of it, let us find out how.

Using Anti-spyware

The first step towards removing a Security Defender is to install a premium anti spyware software. This will help in detecting its presence on the system, scan the entire system and then remove it. This will help in removing other spyware as well.

Removing Security Defender manually

Another way of removing Security Defender is by removing it manually. The manual process is slightly tedious because the user needs to delete each file that has been infected. You would first need to detect the infected files and then remove them. In case you are facing certain issues while doing this, opting for assistance from premium online tech support providers would be the best option. Their technicians would detect these files and remove them for you.

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