Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Remove Antivirus Dot Net?

Antivirus.NET is phony security software. It is like any other rogue software application designed to make the user believe that it is a helpful antivirus software. Once it enters the system it wreaks havoc on the OS. It enters via a Trojan which can go undetected by the firewall and antivirus program installed on your system. This is why it is not easy to recognize this infection.

Additionally whenever the user boots up the system to log in the account, this program automatically starts up alongside. Once it initiates, the fake antivirus will begins to scan the system. Then it will generate fake scan results of possible infection. The user will be pursued into purchasing the full version of this software in order to get rid of the infections on the system.

Let us now find out how to remove the

Antivirus.NET symptoms

Following are the tell tale signs of infection:
• Initially whenever you wish to perform a search using the Yahoo engine with a particular keyword your search results will either be vague or it may get redirected to another unknown web page
• A visible change in the background of the desktop and the icons on the desktop
• An unknown or peculiar icon suddenly appearing on your desktop that you do not remember installing or creating
• There will be noticeable changes in the Home page settings including the wallpaper
• System speed and performance are compromised
• Technical issues like instant shutdowns, automatic opening of programs and internet speed slow down cropping up
• The Windows Registry getting corrupted and pop ups appearing too frequently.

Why is dangerous?
This infection is capable of changing the setting of your Windows Registry. It can also make changes in the system files that are related to Windows. It lets this virus reside within your system for long leading to system failure. This fake antivirus comprises keyloggers and Trojans which are utilized for stealing data like bank details, credit card info, passwords and social security numbers.

Removing antivirus.NET

You need to perform a few simple steps to get rid of this fake software. For this initially you would require to download a tool called Spyware Doctor. You will be prevented from downloading this tool in the normal mode as your system is infected. For this you need to perform the following steps:
• Start up the system in Safe mode that will require you to press the F8 function key repeatedly
• As soon as you reach the Advance Menu select the option of Safe Mode with networking using the arrow keys
• Press Enter to select the option
• Launch IE and go to the Tools tab and select the option of Internet Option
• The Internet Option window will be displayed where you need to click the Connections tab
• Go to LAN settings and deselect the check box against 'Use a proxy server for LAN'
• Click Ok to confirm
• Now download the Spyware Doctor
• Run the file to remove the Antivirus.NET from your system
• Restart your system again in normal mode

By performing the above mentioned steps you will be able to remove the menace of antivirus.NET.

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