Friday, January 15, 2010

Cannot Install Windows XP on Acer machine [AHCI Problem]

If you bought an Acer bundled with Win Vista or Seven, then you want to install Win XP, you may meet a problem like HDD not detected, or bluescreen during installation. This happened not only with Acer but also every machine with old BIOS version need to be updated.

These symptoms indicate HDD driver issue on the XP area since XP don't have driver for newer HDD technology such as AHCI.

Try these steps : 
  1. Log on to your BIOS and find AHCI 
  2. Change AHCI to IDE (If you unable to change to this mode, then you need to update your  BIOS version)
  3. Save and restart
  4. Try to reinstall your XP again
Hopefully this can help :)

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